For You


Thanks for visiting Cole + Parker!

We understand that you have lots of options when it comes to socks. That’s why we reached out to find out how we can better service you and your customers.

We also understand that you’re very busy and often require product with a quick turnaround.

It’s one thing to listen but another to hear + execute!

Here are some of the things you told us would better help and support your business:

  • We need to make good margins

  • Inventory accessibility is important to us

  • Ability to exchange product during soft seasons

  • Quick turn arounds from order to receiving products

  • Looking to minimize our vendors

  • Big Box and National Chains are tough to complete with


Here are the items we actioned within:

  • Strong IMU of 58% - 62% based on order size

  • Year-round inventory

  • Inventory Exchange program

  • Complimentary displays

  • Shipping within 48 hours of order being received 

  • Offer a Classic Essentials line

  • We work exclusively with independent retailers

Size Guide

Our sock are measured in shoe sizes






8 - 13

41 - 47

26 - 30


6 – 10

37 - 42

23 - 26


Turn the socks inside out

Use mild detergent only

Never use bleach

Wash in cold water

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

hang the socks to dry